Relationship Counselling

Build stronger relationships and learn to resolve conflict more effectively

Having trouble communicating with your partner?

Thinking about ending the relationship?

Are you struggling to resolve issues?

It’s not uncommon to experience relationship and marriage issues. In fact, 1 in 2 marriages in Australia will end in divorce. However, professional relationship or couples counselling that’s evidence based can make all the difference. 

Did you know?

50% of marriages in Australia will end in divorce.

Better Health Channel, Victorian Government

What is Relationship or Marriage Counselling?

Relationships fail or succeed for many reasons. Most relationships start out with optimism and an excitement to make things work. Unfortunately, many couples will come across bumps in the road without knowing how to navigate through these challenges and difficulties.   

Ongoing conflict and an inability to resolve issues places pressure on the relationship. Without the right tools for healthy communication and effective conflict resolution, it can seem impossible to restore the connection and create genuine intimacy. 

Sometimes ending the relationship appears to be the only option. You’ve tried everything to breathe new life into your relationship but you haven’t made any progress. The outlook is rather hopeless and you’re ready to give up.

Don’t give up hope.

As a Certified Gottman Therapist, I have completed a high level of therapeutic training with The Gottman Institute and can help couples who are struggling.

What is the Gottman Method?

The Gottman Method is a type of couples counselling used around the world that has proven to be highly effective in restoring struggling relationships. Drs John and Julie Schwartz Gottman designed the Gottman Method drawing upon 40 years of in-depth research with more than 3000 couples to determine what makes relationships fail or succeed. 

As an evidence-based therapy, this type of counselling is not based on opinions and speculations.

On the contrary, the exercises that comprise the Gottman Method have been tested to see if they truly help couples.

The Gottman Method focuses on strengthening relationships in multiple ways:

How to create a meaningful and purposeful life together

How to manage your conflicts well

How to remain close and intimate

As a Certified Gottman Therapist who’s completed all 3 levels of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, I’ve worked with many struggling couples to help them develop a positive, healthy relationship.

My focus is to teach couples how to set themselves up for success.

How does the Gottman Method work?

The Gottman Method starts with an in-depth assessment process involving 3 assessment sessions before couples therapy commences. 

Session 1 is a couples assessment involving both of your input. 

Sessions 2 and 3 are individual sessions for each partner, giving me an accurate picture of your own upbringing and life and what’s happening in your relationship from your perspective. 

These 3 sessions can potentially be done as telehealth sessions followed by in-person sessions when I’m in Darwin for a week-long clinic once a month.

Have questions?

If your relationship is at a crossroads where you’ve hit an insurmountable roadblock, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to get you started on the road to a healthier relationship. 

Maybe you have some questions you’d like answered first? 

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